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White Collar Crimes

Arizona White Collar Crime Attorney

If you are facing allegations or criminal charges accusing you of committing business fraud, employee theft, embezzlement, money laundering or have a tax controversy, you want an experienced, dedicated attorney who will be thorough in the review of your case and the specific issues which could implicate both state and federal consequences. Typically, white collar investigations are complex and can span over long periods of time before the government even files charges. They can include separate but related forfeiture of asset cases through which the government freezes accounts, seizes homes, cars, and personal and business property, wreaking havoc on your life even before criminal charges are filed. Shouldn't you have an attorney defending you who takes the time and initiative to learn the complexities of your business and explores creative solutions to your situation?

Experienced Phoenix Business Fraud and Corporate Embezzlement Lawyer

At the Law Office of Rachelle S. Ferraro, I have over 20 years of experience in the aggressive defense of complex legal matters and pride myself on "thinking outside the box" to avoid prosecution, reduce the level of offenses charged, or mitigate damages. When possible, I try to get involved in cases at an early stage to have the largest impact on the outcome of the case or even avoid prosecution if possible. White collar or business crimes can be charged in federal, state or both jurisdictions so it is important to have an attorney on board familiar with both jurisdictions and sentencing guidelines in both jurisdictions.

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Contact Attorney Rachelle S. Ferraro, a certified criminal law specialist, for an free consultation on your case at my office or at (602) 795-0770. In the event the specific issues in your case and your business implicate or require consultation with other specialty experts, additional or subsequent consultation with experts may be scheduled for a fee.

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From the moment you retain our aggressive criminal defense team, you will work directly with Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Rachelle S. Ferraro.

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