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Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona

The Law Office of Rachelle S. Ferraro is a small firm which enables us to provide individualized personal attention to our clients. When you retain the Law Office of Rachelle S. Ferraro, you receive Rachelle S. Ferraro, certified criminal law specialist, as your attorney.  You will not be passed off to an associate attorney.  Because we have lower overhead than some of the larger criminal defense firms, you receive aggressive personal representation at a more affordable rate.

Since I began the practice of law in 1998, I have always been on the defense side.  Out of necessity because public and sometimes judicial sentiment seem to be pro-state and pro-prosecution, I learned to think "outside the box" very early on in my career. That creativity has served me well in devising strategies, legal theories and even in negotiating creative resolutions to my clients' sometimes peculiar situations.

Having tried over 90 cases to juries, I have earned a reputation as a skilled litigant who has been victorious in several "unwinable" cases. Dissecting and working up thousands of cases, I am known as a thorough, detail oriented, hard working dedicated advocate. Board certified as a criminal law specialist by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization, I stand out in the top of my field.

To learn more about my background and practice, click on the link below to see my profile. For a free in-office initial consultation, contact me online or call me at 602-795-0770.

I provide a free in-office initial consultation to all clients. For an appointment, contact me or call my office at 602-795-0770. I am conveniently located just off Highway 51 north of the I-10.


What Does It Mean to Be a Certified Criminal Law Specialist in Arizona?

  • Licensed to practice for at least 7 years upon initial application.
  • Substantial Devotion of my practice to criminal law.
  • I have demonstrated sufficient Jury Trial experience including serious felony offenses to call myself a specialist in criminal law
  • I have demonstrated sufficient litigation of evidentiary matters wherein substantial issues of law or fact were contested to call myself a specialist in criminal law
  • I have demonstrated sufficient appellate writing experience to call myself a specialist in criminal law
  • Peer review, a written test, and recommendation by the Criminal Law Advisory Commission confirm I exhibit a high degree of competency and integrity in the practice of criminal law.
  • My certification is reviewed every five years wherein I must show that I have earned to right to continue to call myself a Specialist.

Out of the 17,500 active members of the Arizona Bar, less than 1% are certified specialists in criminal law. Put a Criminal Law Specialist on your defense.

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From the moment you retain our aggressive criminal defense team, you will work directly with Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Rachelle S. Ferraro.

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