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Case Results

Dangerous Aggravated Assault with Gun Pled to 1 year of probation with no jail

October 2013

Client was charged with two counts of Dangerous Aggravated Assault from allegedly pointing a gun at two people.  He was identified by eyewitnesses as being the person who pointed the gun.

Each count of Aggravated Assault was alleged to be Dangerous because a weapon (a gun) was used or threatened to be used.  If convicted of the Dangerous offense, Client would have to be sentenced to prison. He could not receive probation if he lost at trial.  Client was facing mandatory prison between five (5) to fifteen (15) years on each of the two counts. Instead, by presenting a version of events much different than what the State originally believed had occurred, a plea agreement was reached in which Client pled guilty to Discharging a Weapon in a City Limit and he received one year of probation with no jail.

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Rachelle Ferraro

Rachelle S. Ferraro, originally from New Jersey, is the daughter of an Italian immigrant. She obtained her college degree in Political Science with a concentration in Constitutional Law at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and her Juris Doctor at the University of Arizona before settling down in Phoenix. She has practiced criminal defense since 1998 and is certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the Arizona State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.